Cukenfest london

APRIL 17TH-20TH 2018

about cukenfest


Once a year we host an intimate event in London for the BDD and agile community. We open our doors to just 150 people to learn and discuss new ideas which build shared understanding.

In the last decade, we've seen more teams approach problems collaboratively, wrestle misunderstandings before they seep into the code, and use progressive technical practices to ship faster. CukenFest focuses on discovering new ways to bring business and IT closer together. Join us in London to learn and share new skills which harness the power of collaboration.

BDD Kickstart training / April 17-18

A world-class Behaviour-Driven Development training course led by a core-team member of Cucumber. 

cukenfest conference / April 19-20

A small, interactive two-day Agile and BDD conference. One day of short talks and another of unconference. 


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Attendees of CukenFest also agree to the terms of our Code of Conduct. We will enforce the CoC throughout the event. If you have any questions please contact one of the team on the day or email us


cukenfest Speakers





Ulrika Malmgren


Sabrina leandro


konstantin kudryashov




matt wynne

seb rose



aslak hellesøy


April 19th - talks


How to break the rules

We invest so much in technology, so why do we seem to get so little benefit in return? We introduce new processes, tools and methods, but when you stand back and squint the organisation still looks just the same.

Is technology over-hyped and oversold, as many would have us believe, or are we doing something that means we lose out on all those promised benefits? Societies work because we follow the rules, but what if those same rules are holding us back? The problem may not be in the technology, but in us failing to change our habits.

In this talk, Dan introduces some uncomfortable truths from Eliyahu Goldratt, author of “The Goal” and one of the fathers of modern management theory, that may help us to recognise and challenge this behaviour so we can start to get the real benefit from all that technology.

Dan North


Example mapping in the wild

We all know that user stories are a placeholder for a conversation. Example mapping, developed by Matt Wynne, is a way to structure that conversation in a way that is short, focused and feels really productive.

In this session, Ceri will share how her teams have adopted the process and demonstrate with real data how it has improved planning and delivery whilst reducing the meeting overhead.

Ceri Shaw


why software changes, and how that should change what we change, when we change software

One of our favourite CukenFest speakers returns. This time to talk about how software changes and how we should change too. 

Nat Pryce


BDD: The Three-Headed Monster

A talk about exploration, specification, and ATDD and why the first of those is so important. 

Liz Keogh


incremental architecture and design

After a few years away, Konstantin returns to CukenFest London to talk to us about incremental architecture and design. 

Konstantin is creator of Behat and a well-known names in the BDD community. He's recently moved to ekino London, to become their CTO. 

Konstantin Kudryashov


We Are Sinking: Hitting the Testing Iceberg

The concept of the testing pyramid was introduced by Mike Cohn many years ago. Although a lot of people have heard about it, there are not many who are actually implementing it. Maybe one reason for this is that the pyramid helps us to map the tests to the testing technology only (unit, integration, UI), but not to the purpose, the different testing goals.

The concept of testing iceberg helps mapping the business-interesting tests targeted by BDD to the pyramid, but this is just the start. In this session I going to share 9 different, funny test automation shapes that I have seen, to inspire you to find your own, context-driven test automation strategy.

Gaspar Nagy


Empathy-Driven Testing

Wait. I know what you're probably thinking. This is just another rehash of BDD and that you have heard it all before…

But, empathy on its own has a strong, immediate effect.  Put in an agile context, it’s powerful tool that has the ability to change the face of software design.  I’ll talk about why empathy is a gift, that keeps on giving.  How it can be used in not just testing but throughout the whole development cycle.  From drawing up empathic driven design pieces to writing automation code that not only puts the end user at heart, but how the user feels at a particular step. 

But it’s more than this.

Not matter what field you work in, the challenges faced and the obstacles to overcome will be the same.  Whether you’re a scrum master wanting to have constructive retrospectives to a developer thinking about what scenarios to automate.  The use of empathy is translucent, shedding light on areas such as neurodiversity which are often overlooked.

I would like to share my experiences on how using empathy has helped me to overcome challenges in the workplace, be it technical or non-technical.  Along with the stories I’ve heard where empathy has made an impact and as such needs to be passed on.

We have an innate ability within us that requires no programming language to learn or pattern to follow.  This talks aims to unleash this.

Shamyla Sidd


BDD in an Agency

Zone is a growing digital agency based in London with offices around the world. Their focus was on finding a way to align their technical practices with visible delivery of value to each customer. Last year they began practising Behaviour-Driven Development to deliver more value to their customers. Toby Dykes, Production Director at Zone, outlines why they decided to invest in BDD and what they've learned along the way. 

Toby Dykes


Knowledge Sharing with modified mob testing

Traditional knowledge sharing is not effective way . I have modified mob development concept to mob testing and used mob testing in knowledge sharing. It has been proved to be very effective way to improve knowledge. It shares each and every bit of knowledge from one resource to others. It covers loopholes in traditional approach. It also covers the environment setup and config issues usually faced by new resource. It can be treated as evaluation process for team knowledge.

Anand Shirkande


BDD in the functional world

By combining Specification by Example, Domain modelling & an algebraic type system you will learn how to create a strongly typed domain model directly from a Gherkin file using F#

Chris Roff


The Holy Trinity of Cucumber: Collaborative Cucumber Practices to Increase BDD

We’re just two gals who like to write Gherkin. As quality managers at an agile software agency, we’ve devised and refined a process for collaborative cucumber testing done by the trifecta (3 amigos) involving product managers, developers, and quality managers. Working together, quality managers and product managers can encourage BDD and TDD best practices by throwing out everything they know (and probably hate) about traditional feature story writing, and baking Gherkin scenarios directly into the vegetable pie,  the project tracking tool of choice. From there, pop it into the oven (code repository of choice) and watch your test coverage bake to a golden hue.

Please join us as we talk through our process for writing Gherkin as quality managers and working to increase collaboration between product management and developers, with the cherry on top being the increase of awareness of BDD best practices across Originate projects. 

Kayla Razavi & Katherine Bomkamp

People saying nice things about CukenFest.

I’ve learned lots of useful techniques at CukenFest, even though the projects I’ve been involved in have rarely involved Cucumber. It’s about the techniques, not the technology.
— Nat Pryce
We’ve only just started on the BDD journey and it’s easy to get a bit overwhelmed. I came back from CukenFest feeling re-energised - listening to the talks and talking to other people in the community reinforced for me that this is a mindshift for everyone involved.
— Angela Relle, Met Office
angela-relle .jpg
It was the best conference I ever went to, no doubt! Great talks and an open space with inspiring participants.
— Tim Coremans, BNP Paribas
CukeUp is a welcoming community event where you get to learn about different aspects of what makes a software product team perform and tick. This includes code, tests, collaboration and arguably most importantly - culture.
— Arti Mathanda

Sponsors + Friends

Sponsorship provides fuel for our conference engine. Without it, we won't have decent coffee,  stacks of cold drinks, or any of the good stuff we love to provide. Whether you're a large corp or a start-up, we've got opportunities for you to be involved. Contact us if you're interested. 

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Sponsors and Partners


Venues and timings

BDD Kickstart training (April 17th - 18th) - Venue TBC

CukenFest Day 1 (April 19th) - Rich Mix, Shoreditch.

CukenFest Day 2 (April 20th) - WallaceSpace, Spitalfields

All the venues are in or close to, Shoreditch E1. 

Each day will start at 9AM and finish at 4PM.